watch this video to learn how you can make up to $14,000 in bonus commissions!

Executive Partnership Upgrade

  • You get 5 Executive funnels + 2 original funnels to earn a total of 7 streams of income.
  • You get a Big Ticket product to upsell to all of your customers.
  • You earn a $109 bonus commission for every Executive referral.
  • Make Easy Money — you don’t have to do anything extra because the system does all the work for you.
  • This one-time investment produces profits like a money machine — up to 7000% ROI and $14,000 in cash.
  • You get the lion’s share of the profits and make more money on each deal than we do.

Don’t leave this EASY MONEY on the table!

Need More Information?

Here’s the answers to some questions to help you make an informed decision:

Why should I upgrade to Executive Partner?
  • As an Executive Partner, you will get 7 funnels when your viral marketing system is first built. Junior Partners only get 2 funnels and will have to wait every month to get new ones.
  • You will also get a big-ticket product you can upsell to your referrals and earn a bonus commission of $109 for each sale.
  • This is the easiest way for you to earn multiple streams of income and big-ticket profits because the system does all the work and you sit back and collect the money!
  • By upgrading to Executive, you can build your wealth faster because you’ll have more ways to generate income and earn higher profit margins starting from day one.
How do I earn maximum commissions?

As an Executive Partner, you can increase your profits from $39 up to $167 for each referral the day they sign up — that is 400% more than what Junior Partners can make.

Here’s how it works — When your referrals go through your funnels they will be offered 3 investment opportunities:

  • Viral Marketing System — which pays you a $39 monthly commission
  • Express Delivery — which pays you a $19 one-time commission
  • Executive Partnership — which pays you a $109 one-time bonus commission
  • When any of your referrals invest in all 3 opportunities — you get paid $167 maximum commission

With just one $167 sale from each of your 7 funnels a month — you can earn more than $14,000 in bonus commissions for the year.

** To earn maximum commissions you must have all 3 investment opportunities in your system


How much is the investment to upgrade my account?

To upgrade your account from Junior Partner to the Executive Partner level is only a one-time investment of $199.

At $199, you have the potential to earn $14,0028 in maximum bonus commissions, which would be close to a 7000% ROI on this investment.

But this discount offer is only available to you today because your viral marketing website isn’t built yet and we can easily add the Executive funnels to your system during development.

** Maximum bonus commissions are calculated with the Express delivery option. If you didn’t take advantage of that opportunity on the checkout page, and you want to earn maximum commissions, you can add it to your system from your affilate dashboard.

What happens if I don't upgrade my account?
  • Once you leave this page, if you decide to upgrade your account later, the license and development fee will be $299.
  • All of your referrals will be offered this same opportunity and many of them will take it — but if you stay at the Junior Partner level — you won’t earn any of those Executive Bonuses.
  • Basically, if you don’t take this deal — you will be leaving FREE money on the table.

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