How We Can Rebuild The Black Community…
WITHOUT Black Celebrities!

Wanna work with a group of like-minded Brothers and Sisters on solutions to problems in the Black community?

Black Wallets Matter is a member association comprised of Brothers and Sisters that believe the only way we are going to fix the problems in the Black Community is if we do it ourselves and start using the power of the black dollars we already have.

It is estimated we spend $1.3 trillion dollars a year on goods and services, so if we were to pool just a fraction of our resources and practice group economics we could have a major financial impact on this country and transform our community.

We want to bring together like-minded Brothers and Sisters who are sick and tired of the sad state of affairs in the Black community and are motivated to take action.

We want Brothers and Sisters who understand the first step to solving our problems is to have unity, and also realize that nothing will actually get done unless we are willing to invest in ourselves.

Here are a few qualities we are looking for in our members:

  • Those who want to be part of something bigger than themselves
  • Those who want to leave a legacy they can be proud of
  • Those who are willing to trust our Brothers and Sisters and while being trustworthy themselves
  • Those who have been looking for realistic solutions to the problems we face in the Black Community
  • Those who are willing to set aside personal differences (religious, political, sexual preference, etc) to work for the benefit of us all because they understand the system of white supremacy oppresses us all equally by virtue of our skin color
  • Those who understand that the problems we are trying to fix will require time and patience because we have many obstacles to  overcome
  • Those who are willing to have an open mind about new solutions because they understand that repeating what has been done in the past isn’t going to work for us in the future

If you possess these qualities then we would like to work with you!

Fill out the form below and tell us a little bit about yourself.