Attorney General gives racist police departments green light to continue targeting Blacks

Racist cop beats Black man for “jay walking”

Alarming News – USA Today announces Attorney General Jeff Sessions is repealing consent decrees that mandated federal oversight of police departments that have demonstrated racial bias.

Basically, this act gives racist cops a green light to target Blacks and continue their practices of brutality!

While mainstream media is covering bombings in Syria and Afghanistan, the Attorney General is quietly taking away the civil rights protections of the Black Community.

We must act now and challenge this action in court. We must sue the federal government and these police departments to not only reinstate existing oversight parameters, but increase it.

We need to move now brothers and sisters. This is a critical moment and we need to let the “powers-that-be” know we are fully aware of what is going on and the negative effects it will have on the Black Community.

We have a plan to deal with this problem. This decision by the Attorney General set us back a bit, but we will continue to push forward with our plans. Click the button to watch our short plan for dealing with racial police brutality.