A Few Words About Black Wallets Matter

Black Wallets Matter is a movement that recognizes that we in the Black Community can fix our own problems using the economic resources we already have.

The Financial Blueprint To Help Black America Save Itself provides a detailed plan for how we can address major issues such as poverty, unemployment and police brutality.

The blueprint explains how we can provide employment opportunities for our struggling brothers and sisters by buying businesses and creating hundreds or even thousands of jobs.

It also outlines a plan for addressing crime in our neighborhoods by offering character and career building programs that teach our youth the virtues of discipline and personal responsibility.

You’ll discover how we can hire lawyers and lobbyists in Washington to gain and use political influence for the betterment of our people. And most importantly, how we can pay for all these social programs by getting back a percentage of the $1.3 trillion dollars we spend each year outside the Black Community.

If you are a concerned brother or sister, you will not want to miss the Black Wallets Matter presentation so click the button below to watch the presentation.

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