Progress Report for July/August 2017

The organization has grown since the last report in June. We currently have 311 member as of this date (9/11/17), but because the month is not over, I will only post the financials for the past July and August.

JUNE 2017

This June report shows that we had 98 new members join and expected to collect $1725 in revenue. Our payment software shows the organization was only able to collect $870 in membership dues. Add in another $175 from members that paid via Paypal and the actual amount collected after refunds, cancellations, and declined credit cards is $1045.

We have this discrepancy because the membership software calculates the sale once the credit card is entered into the website, but does not subtract it if the payment does not go through later.

  • 98 new members
  • $1725 estimated revenue generated
  • $870 + 175 (paypal memberships) = $1045 actual revenue collected
  • $2898.41  total ad spend on Facebook
  • 1,468,166 customer reach
  • $1853.41 loss


This report shows the organization has spent $3338.48 on Facebook advertising in August 2017 with a reach of 2,357,358. I also uploaded a screen shot of the failed payments as well as the unpaid membership screen just to give you an idea of what it looks it like. I get those reports everyday.

  • 138 new members
  • $2350 estimated revenue generated
  • $1430 + 155 (paypal memberships) = $1585 actual revenue collected
  • $3338.48  total ad spend on Facebook
  • 2,357,358 customer reach
  • $1753.48 loss

Ambassadorship Program Guidelines

Black Wallets Matter has the goal of expanding into local chapters throughout the country. We call it the Ambassadorship Program. The program is not yet active, but here are some of the guidelines we will be operating under.

Read the Guidelines Here