Progress Report for Sept/Oct 2017

The organization has continued to grow since the last report. In total, we’ve had 444 people pledge membership (as of 11/14/17). I am using the term “pledge” because not everyone is still a member due to failed payments, refunds, or lost of interest. Nonetheless, our numbers are moving in the right direction. Revenues are up and losses are down.

September 2017

This September report shows that we had 33 new members join and expected to collect $2970 in total revenue, but we were only able to collect $2850.99 in membership dues. Paypal memberships totaled $155.

The new memberships covered many of the loses we had from failed or blocked payments (as shown in the screenshot above). We have this discrepancy because the membership software calculates the sale once the credit card is entered into the website, but does not subtract it if the payment does not go through later or is refunded.

  • 33 new members
  • $2970 estimated revenue generated
  • $2850.99 + 155 (paypal memberships) = $3055.99 actual revenue collected
  • $3415.25  total ad spend on Facebook
  • $409.26 loss


This October report shows the organization had 68 new members and expected to collect $4000 in revenue. We were able to actually collect $3317.83. Paypal payments were $185 which gives us total revenue of $3502.86.

  • 68 new members
  • $4000 estimated revenue generated
  • $3317.83 + 185 (Paypal) = $3502.86 actual revenue collected
  • $3627.20  total ad spend on Facebook
  • $124.34 loss

Ambassadorship Program Guidelines

Black Wallets Matter has the goal of expanding into local chapters throughout the country. We call it the Ambassadorship Program. The program is not yet active, but here are some of the guidelines we will be operating under.

Read the Guidelines Here

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