How the Black Community Can Reclaim the Businesses in Our Neighborhoods

Fun with Math. How the Black Community can generate $336 million a year and reclaim the businesses in our neighborhoods

Black Wallets Matter is a member association compromised of brothers and sisters who are sick and tired of the state of affairs in the Black community and are compelled to take action.

Our underlying principle is the understanding that nothing is going to get fixed in the Black Community unless we start putting our money towards solutions.

Specifically, we are going to invest our money in social and business projects to address the issues of black poverty and unemployment.

And most importantly, we will be allocating money for the purpose of hiring lawyers and lobbyists so we can gain political influence and put an end to this wave of racial police brutality.

OK so lets have some fun with math…

Our goal within the next 3 to 5 years is to have 1 million association members. Our monthly membership dues are $10 for silver, $25 for gold, and $50 for platinum. If we were to get an equal number of members across each level that gives us an avg of $28.

28 multiplied by 1 million, gives us $28 million a month. Multiplied by 12, that gives us $336 million a year. Now of course there will be credit card processing fees, administrative fees and miscellaneous items, so lets just say we have $330 million to work with.

We can use that money to reclaim the businesses in the black community. That means we buy back all the bodegas, corner stores, nail salons, supermarkets and restaurants in our community that are not black owned.

Maybe we let Poppy and them live cause Spanish food is mad good and we don’t really have problems with them, but the Arabs and Asians that look down their noses at us while taking our money gots to go.

I can’t really call it with the Chinese food restaurants…maybe we let them live too…but if the members of Black Wallets Matter say they gotta go…then its off with their heads and some of our brothers and sisters are just gonna have to start stepping their wok game up.

After that shit where the Arabs in the store held the black dude hostage at gun point and whipped him with a sword…even though he stole and I don’t condone it…I was like…this shit is going too far.

They could’ve punched the dude in the face or called the cops. They didn’t have to go in like that. The disrespect toward black people here in America is insanely high right now and we gotta check these suckers before it’s open season on all of us.

We gotta get our shit together and surprise them with clear and decisive action that is going to hit them where it hurts…in their pockets.

And beauty supply shops and nail salons are on notice too. I just don’t like the smug look on their faces when we in their businesses getting our health and beauty care products or services.

I know a young Asian dude whose parents own a beauty supply store and he asked me why the hell are we coming to get our stuff from them and they ain’t even black? He was like they would never dream of some shit like that. Their whole supply chain is Asian.

Well listen…I’m not even worrying about why that is. All I know is we have a plan to change it now.

So if your feeling this idea then definitely consider becoming a member because if you want to see change in our community then remember nothing is going to happen until you make your Black Wallet Matter.

My name is brother Lou. You can call me with any questions you have and I hope to see u on the other side.


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