Police Beat Young Black Man Bloody

Seems like cops beating up on our young brothers and sisters is an every day occurrence.

If we don’t take decisive action to stop this racially motivated police brutality it will be open season on us all.

If you want to help us hire lawyers investigate and enforce laws against this kind of violence, watch the blueprint then become a member. 

Our Story

Black Wallets Matter is an organization that recognizes how we, in the Black Community, can fix our own problems by using the political and economic power we already have.

This organization’s goal is to bring together like-minded Brothers and Sisters who are sick and tired of the state of affairs in Black America — and are motivated to take action.

Through unity and the power of our Black Wallets, we can put an end to major issues that disproportionately affect our Community such as racism, poverty, unemployment, and police brutality.

We invite you to JOIN US IN THE FIGHT!

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