Do Black lives really matter? Let’s find out…

As we can see, racism in America is still alive and well. Apparently, to some White citizens and police officers, Black lives DO NOT MATTER. They will kill and brutalize us without regard for our constitutional and human rights. But we can no longer stand by and let this barbarism and racism continue to happen. We have come too far as a people!

So here are a few solutions Black Wallets Matter is proposing to deal with this scourge on our people:

  • Solution #1 — We need to hire lawyers and lobbyist to enact laws that make it a federal crime for cops to kill an unarmed black person. Every incident should be investigated by the Dept of Justice and federal prosecutors should handle these cases because whenever these racist cops kill unarmed blacks, they are rarely, if ever get convicted at the state and local levels. This is a common practice within our state court system and I believe with the right lawyers and lobbyist, we can prove this is institutional racism in practice. This is a clear violation of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, which guarantees us “equal protection under the law”. So we must implore the federal government to step in because it is obvious Blacks are being abused at the state level and are receiving no justice. 
  • Solution #2 — In the mean while,  if a racist cop kills another unarmed black man — we can have private investigators thoroughly dig into his background for any and every scrap of dirt they can find and put his ass on blast on social media and the news. Maybe he groped a young girl in high school and they swept it under the rug so he could become an officer. Maybe he’s cheating on his wife or has a gambling or drinking problem? You know most people have skeletons in their closet so we can turn his life inside out and upside down looking for them and expose him to the world.
  • Solution #3 — Then we can hit his town, city, and state with lawsuits and thoroughly investigate their policing and judicial practices. If they are found to have been systematically mistreating or violating the rights of Black people in their community, and covering up racist activities, we add that to our “proof file” and then challenge their rights to receive federal funds in the Supreme court. They are violating the constitution and should not have access to government money. People should be fired. Local politicians should be questioned and held accountable. If they stop getting federal money then they’ll have to raise local taxes to pay for services and that’s gonna piss off everybody in that community — especially hard working white people. They will complain and apply pressure to their local politicians. We’d have to keep applying this kind of tactical pressure until those responsible are fired and/or policies are reformed.

The first time we respond to the shooting of an unarmed black man with this type of focused action, law enforcement across the country will understand that those poor black people in their patrol areas have friends in Washington with deep pockets protecting their civil rights. They will think twice about racial profiling or throwing someone down and putting a gun in their face for no reason.  Without question, getting these laws passed will be a long, hard fight, but until then, we must stay vigilant and document every incident of institutional racism to prove our case.

If you want to learn more about how we will make the solutions we are proposing a reality, be sure to watch the video presentation of Black Wallets Matter: The Financial Blueprint To Help Black America Save Itself

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